Flower Fields of Carlsbad Open Today

by David L on March 1, 2013

Highway 101 travelers are often sea lovers and beach aficionados.  They cruise at a leisurely pace, with the wind in their hair and their eyes tracing the horizon like a kid in an ipad store.  But between March and May, one might want to pay particular attention to what lies east of the legendary coastal route.

The 50 acres of bright and vivid Flower Fields in Carlsbad , California are the reapings of over 85 years of cultivation.  Stumbling on these a few years ago was like watching Wizard Of Oz switch from black and white to color; totally unexpected and almost surreal.

These flower fields originated as a small business for the Frazee family about 3 generations ago.  Even in the fifties, the fields achieved local stardom for their out of this world Ronunculus flowers.  They became a popular tourist attraction, and even garnished the pages of National Geographic several times.

Today, you can visit for a wagon ride, to see an American flag of flowers, take your kids to the wacky themed Santa’s Playground, visit a greenhouse,  a musical flower sculpture and even get lost in a real maze of sweet peas!  Like a real maze.  I couldn’t dream that one up.

The fields open today!  Make sure you take your camera, but first visit the website for the photo rules, since they are conducting an agricultural business. http://www.theflowerfields.com/home Mr. Edwin Frazee once said of all the photos taken of his beautiful Ronunculus flowers: “If I had one penny for every picture that’s been taken of those fields, I’d be a rich man.”


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