Pacific Beach Cupcake Shoppe Airs On Food Network Sunday

by David L on March 2, 2013

cupcake2About 3 or 4 years ago during a trip back east, I crossed paths with my first gourmet cupcake.  Until that point, my perception of cupcakes was pretty bland and dismal at best.  Cupcakes were a dry, crusty appeasing reward for the whole third grade class when no one failed the handwriting test;  I valued the cupcake somewhere between a star shaped sticker and an ice cream social I guess.

Enter the gourmet cupcake.  This was very different.  When I bit into this red velvety lover, instead of hoping for a hidden layer of frosting or fruit or ice cream to free me from the dry spongy texture of a cake, I found myself actually enjoying it.  I rationed the frosting, saving it for last, because I couldn’t believe how flavorful and rich the cake portion was.  I didn’t want it to interrupt the transformation that was taking place.  I was hooked.  (Thanks Ange.)

Today I experienced that again, when a friend shared a cupcake with me from Pure Cupcakes, located on Garnet in Pacific Beach.  The ingredients they use are top notch; no additives or shortenings, they make their own vanilla bean extract from real vanilla beans, and the idea of spending an entire day in their shop, tasting each flavor is incredibly enticing.

Mary Sarain started baking when she was ten, and harnessed her cupcake mastery over the years, baking for her friends, and family, then coworkers and events, until she decided to ditch the corporate world and pursue her passion.  She recruited her bestie, Nikki, and Pure Cupcakes was born.

In a youtube video, Mary and Nikki made a very powerful statement.  In unison, they described the cupcakes as being “better than sex.”  While I may need to consult my journal entries from  2003 to make an accurate comparison, I’m pretty sure I won’t disagree.

Be sure to watch Mary and Nikki on the show “Cupcake Wars” this Sunday at 8pm on the Food Network and stop by to say hello at: 1772-A Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach. (858) 274-2253 or



Can you believe I didn’t use the word “moist?”  Like not even once…

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